Manufacturing Operator

Job Title

  • Manufacturing Operator
  • Production Operator
  • Production Associate
  • Production Technologist

Educational Background

  • College degree/ diploma
  • B.Sc.
  • B.Eng.
  • High School (mostly cannabis industry or cosmetic industry)

Job Functions

  • Set-up, operate, maintain, assemble and disassemble production equipment as needed as per company standard operating procedures (SOP’s) and regulatory standards (GMP).
  • GMP gowning is mandatory as you will be working in the GMP area.
  • Perform manufacturing process steps of a dosage form by strictly following written procedures such as ‘master production batch record’ and the related SOPs. Example: Tablet manufacturing process steps involve dispensing, blending, wet/dry granulation, compression, coating.
  • You will need to operate equipment, lift objects/ drums, climb, stand for a long period of time.
  • Clean equipment after use as per the cleaning procedure.
  • Working safely is very important.
  • Perform in-process testing at each step as per the master production batch record and the related SOP. Depending on the in-process test results, make the necessary adjustment to the parameters to meet the specification.
  • Perform batch reconciliation.

Must Have Skills

  • Mathematical skills
  • Able to stand for a long period of time, climb and lift/ move materials, objects and drums containing in process product from one area to another.
  • Must be okay to work in an environment that requires GMP gowning and do shift work
  • Detail oriented and ability to follow written procedures without any deviation
  • Work well under pressure and in a ‘fast paced and minimal tolerance for mistakes’ environment
  • Able to do the same task over and over again
  • Honest and transparent
  • Able to take responsibility for your own action
  • Work well individually and as part of a team
  • Professional, fast learner and takes initiative
  • Able to work in a highly regulated environment and follow company Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), regulatory guidelines and safety standards.

Type of Companies that Hire

  • Pharmaceutical/ Biopharmaceutical
  • Contract Labs (with manufacturing ability)
  • Cannabis Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Cosmetic companies
  • other

Competitive Advantage

  1. knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Documentation Practices (GDP), FDA, Health Canada
  2. any transferable skills that speak for your ability to follow instructions and written procedures without any deviation

Career Growth

Operator –> Senior –> Supervisor (B.Sc./ B.Eng.) –> Director / VP

Other options (most of these will require university degree):

–>transfer to QA department as QA Associate/ Document Reviewer for manufacturing (competitive advantage: certificate/ courses taken/ diploma in Quality Assurance

–>transfer to QC lab as QC chemist (competitive advantage: courses taken on HPLC with hands on experience)

–> transfer to Validation or Technical Services department (best option for B.Eng.)

–> B.Eng could also consider working for the equipment manufacturers and suppliers, in the R&D department or as field service engineers/technicians.

–> if you have certification on project management and preferably PM certified, consider becoming a Project Manager

–> with business certification, you could even transfer to business side of the pharma

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