SandForest Consulting Services

The following services are either in person (location: Toronto) or via video calls

Career Consulting

We offer career consulting in the following fields

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Engineering

You could be someone who

  • needs advice on how to transfer the skills and education you currently have to get started in the industry
  • is new to the industry and not sure of the direction of your career
  • has been in the industry for a long time and needs advice on your career direction or how to use your experience to further in your career
  • just needs some inspiration.


Interview Preparation

We offer

Interview preparation for the following:

  • Phone Interviews
  • In person Interviews
  • Technical Interviews (Pharmaceutical & Engineering)
  • Second and Third Interviews

Mock Interviews with a hiring manager from the industry



We hold seminars about career in pharmaceutical/ engineering industry twice a year. Please keep checking back if we don’t have one coming up. Or you could contact us at and we will keep you updated.

All other inquiries at