Companies that support pharma

Have you considered working for companies that support pharma? There are many different companies that support pharma such as suppliers and service providers. They have job opportunities for science and engineering graduates. Listed below are some common ones.

–> Suppliers/ manufactures of analytical instruments to pharma labs (e.g. Waters, Agilent Technologies, Mettler Toledo). Some job titles: Field Service Technician, Field Service Engineer and Calibration Specialist. R&D jobs are also available

–>Suppliers/ manufactures of chemicals, materials and supplies used in the pharma. (e.g. VWR international, Canadian Life Sciences, Sigma Aldrich, Caledon Laboratories)

–> Companies that provide laboratory software such as LIMS. If you like computer programming, this is highly recommended. (e.g. Labware)

–> Contract labs are external labs contracted out by pharmaceutical companies to do testing for them. (e.g. SGS, Thermofisher Scientific, Nucro Technics)