Our services are for new graduates and anyone new to the industry only.

Career Consulting

We will look at your work experience (if you have any), your educational background and your personality and will suggest the career path you might be interested in going down.

For example, if you are a science graduate, working in the lab is NOT the only option. There are multiple options you could choose from.

Resume Writing/ Resume Editing

Learn how to write a resume that will go past the computer screening to the HR/ hiring manager and convey the message during the few seconds glance by  the hiring manager

Interview Preparation

Phone Interviews
In person Interviews
Technical Interviews
Second and Third Interviews
Mock Interviews (either with a hiring manager or a professional from the industry)

You may not have all the required qualifications for the job but if you connect with the interviewer(s), you will land that job over the candidate who has all the qualifications but did not connect with the interviewer(s).

Set up a one hour interview session with us and learn about how to connect with the interviewer(s) and how to showcase your skill sets.


  1. You have your entry level job. What do you do next?
  2. Do you feel stuck in your current position and not sure what opportunity to pursue or available?

Come speak with us and we will guide you based on your skill set and your career aspiration.


Seminars about careers in pharmaceutical/ engineering industry. Contact us at for upcoming seminars info.

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