Our services are for new graduates and anyone new to the industry only.

Career Consulting

We offer career consulting for anyone interested in a career in the Pharmaceutical Industry or Engineering Field.

As a new graduate and/or someone new to the industry, you may not know what career path to take. There are many options for you. Come speak to us and find out which one will best fit you and how to get your foot in the door.

Remember, finding just any job so you could start working should not be your goal. Your aim should be to find the right job for you that will take you places.

Resume Writing/ Resume Editing

Learn how to write a resume that will go past the computer screening to the HR/ hiring manager and convey the message during the few seconds glance by  the hiring manager

Interview Preparation

Phone Interviews
In person Interviews
Technical Interviews
Second and Third Interviews
Mock Interviews (either with a hiring manager or a professional from the industry)

You may or may not have all the required qualification.

Set up an interview session with us to be interview ready and impress your interviewer.

We help you Grow

  • You have your entry level job. Congratulations!

If you want to fast track in  your career and succeed, you need to know at the entry level where you plan on going with your career. Do you know? Do you have a plan? You could either spend hours trying to figure it out or you could make your life easy and get advice/ guidance from people who know your field very well.

  • Do you feel stuck in your current position and not sure what  opportunity to pursue next or available? You perhaps need help from people who have solid understanding of career growth in your field.

We happen to be those people if you are from the Pharmaceutical Industry or Engineering field. Let us help you grow and succeed.


We offer seminars about

  1. Careers in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  2. Careers in the Engineering Field

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